Terry Respondek, President & CEO

A native of East St. Louis, Illinois, Terry began his railroad career with the Norfolk & Western Railway in 1968 as a Carman in Madison, Illinois. He organized the Respondek Railroad Company on March 14, 1987, with a single locomotive to switch the Amoco plant in Wood River, Illinois, providing 24 hours a day, 7 day per week availability. Working with his growing team of dedicated employees, Terry has grown the Respondek family of companies to 10 sites in five states with 49 employees, including Port Harbor Railroad, founded in 2009.


Phone: 618-975-3857

Email: contact@portharborrailroad.com


1635 West First Street, Suite 152

Granite City, IL 62040

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Monday - Friday

7am - 5pm​​


24 Hours a Day

7 Days a Week