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Carl Yount, Vice President - Customer Solutions

Carl has 52 years of experience in railroading customer service, sales and marketing, and transportation, including time spent with Penn Central, Conrail, CSX, and The Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis. He has held seats on industry committees including Car Management, Hazardous Materials, Demurrage, Reciprocal Switching, Car Hire, American Short Line Customer Service, and ISS.

Responsible for marketing and business development for the Port Harbor Railroad, Carl manages daily communication with current and prospective customers, develops solutions for new customers, and ensures excellent service is provided to manufacturers and industrial customers alike. 

Carl is also the past President of the Association of Car Accounting and Car Service Officers. He is a graduate of the Penn State Executive Management Program and has completed extensive training in Quality Improvement Management, Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis and Team Building. He manages overall operation’s resources, negotiates, and approves agreements and contracts for the Port Harbor Railroad.

Carl Yount, Port Harbor Railroad

618-975-3857 | direct

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